We are looking for a person who can help us to develop and implement our privacy and security strategy. The service Brainworks is providing requires two types of information longitudinal health data such as heart rates, sugar levels, breathing rates, etc. and highly sensitive patient meta data such as names, addresses, and medical diagnoses. To protect our client’s privacy and secure our system against security threads it is paramount that we separate these two data vaults but still allow for machine learning algorithms to extract the information required to build models on the data. Your task is to define a possible conceptual solution to this challenge, implement a solution, test it against possible threads, and bring the system into the cloud. Regular demos, presentations, and a lot of grapevine coffee conversations will keep you connected with the rest of our team to help you solve challenges, jump some hoops, and get around pitfalls. After a satisfying solution is found you take the implementation and integrate it into our existing system. Top candidates will have a portfolio of commercial services embodying these types of technologies that they have deployed.

Main focus:

Cloud architecture, build a cloud storage, design communication between client and portal
Implement privacy and security model

Desired skills and experience:

  • Deep familiarity with leading cloud services (e.g. Heroku, Amazon)
  • Kubernetes, docker, etc.
  • Experience setting up databases (SQL / NSQL)
  • Experience deploying and scaling compute-heavy AI infrastructure
  • Extensive experience in data privacy and security
  • HTML, JS, python coding a plus
  • HIPPA / GDPR compliance experience a plus
  • Documenting architecture, design, and code
  • Ability to work independently and communicate ideas and decisions
  • Ability to work with distributed teams
  • Self-starter
  • BS in Computer Science or related field/degree